Designed to be recyclable

Welcome to a world where uniforms are not discarded, but transformed. The Re-uniform return program allows you to collect used uniforms and give them a second life.


The future is circular

Our Re-uniform program collects, sorts and prepares textile waste for proper recycling.

Our main objective is to boost the circular economy in the European textile sector, being a key link “Our main objective is to promote the circular economy in the European textile sector, being a key link between municipalities and the most innovative recycling companies.

uniformes policía local de  la Comunidad de Madrid jersey térmico
uniformes policía A.S.V.P. polo manga corta

Designed to be recyclable

A seamless design and highly regenerative materials ensure that textiles can be separated and recycled when the uniform reaches the end of its useful life.

A collaborative project with the world

The Re-uniform program allows used uniforms to be collected and given a new life through reuse. After collection, the used textiles are examined, cleaned and then sorted according to material category.



Shredding and

Creation of yarn

Blending with tencel, organic and recycled cotton

New recycled

Recycling process

Return programme

Aware of the need to promote recycling in the textile sector, the Re-uniform program allows us to collect used uniforms and give them a new life through reuse.

Our recycling service proposes a zero waste future, combining innovative recycling processes with the aim of extending the useful life of the textile.

Sustainable uniforms

Design and innovation for a new category of 100% sustainable uniforms.


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